10042 Gardens of Russia: Melody garden

Gardens of Russia: Melody garden

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Symphony orchestra called sound of a miracle. So it happened, the musicians sit in a very specific order. So I perceive your garden as a wonderful orchestra, which transmits shades of sounds my melodies of love to him!

Plants sit in the garden in the designated order, each performs his part in the allotted time and the orchestra for more than twenty years, conducting I – interact, supervise, direct and feel and hear the General melody. Here’s my score for “the seasons”.

Gardens of Russia: Melody garden

Spring in the garden

Barely warms the spring sun, the snow will settle and run in the garden, cheerful streams, napitia ground moisture, will samebut birds, enjoying the warmth and home, garden and wash the fresh rain. Primroses, as quiet and timid chime, similar to the adjustment of the instruments of the orchestra before the beginning of a beautiful classical music, starting to perform their part. Their fragile flowers they weave a melody that is yet to come, becoming the first decoration of the garden on the still cold ground.

Gardens of Russia: Melody garden

As a composer introduces his own orchestra of new instruments, and with the approach of the heat entering new soloists, picking up and reinforcing a melody that sounds louder and brighter.

прострел, сад Китовой

The beginning of summer

In a Symphony orchestra percussion – the Foundation of musical rhythm, and in my garden percussive rhythms set the peonies. Enter solemn tread, giving the orchestra and the sound of strength and power, proudly display their lush and vibrant beauty from early spring to mid-summer.

It seems that playing drums is not difficult – hit the cymbals, and all. In fact, it requires great skill. The party of peonies sounds different. The sound is piercingly loud, when they bloom, bewitching with its power and beauty, and lead the main party. Quiet, like the rustle of leaves when the song come cereals.

Gardens of Russia: Melody garden

Summer in the garden

The slender sounding melody, which is gaining strength day by day, take a brass – lilies. They, like the trumpet, call to battle or the event is opened.

Gardens of Russia: Melody gardenComplementing each other, perform simple signal party iwanicki, sage, herbs, bells, choir or slowly the second voice, because it’s the middle of summer and a concert is in full swing.

розарий, вероника, бадан, лилия, сад Китовой

Most in Symphony orchestra string instruments, they lead the orchestra, performing the main melody. The Queen of the orchestra called a fiddle. Rose, of course, is the leading violin of my garden. The Queen, who leads the whole orchestra. For it is written special concerts, and they sound to the most frost – her party melodic and breathtakingly beautiful. Rose a lot in the garden, different: scraby, climbing, Park, patio, ground cover. And they whirl in a waltz – delicate, attractive, magical and unique. Sounds and sings all the gardens, singing trees, shrubs, flowers, gently, silver sounds of crystal brook, winding among stones in the garden, singing birds, dragonflies and butterflies.

Gardens of Russia: Melody garden

Autumn in the garden

And now having played almost all of the party – the days are on the wane, and the wind rides through the garden, fallen leaves, and spread out in the evening cold fog. The tender was made in September, the garden erupts latest bright colors, like a final, powerful chords. And you can hear his sound in my heart like mellifluous flute. The garden with the arrival of autumn takes its final, farewell

How many fascinating and magical in the sound of the flute: a soft, melancholy, mysterious, fabulous, amazing pictures of nature. Sad goodbye to me sounds magic flute that sounds in my heart until the next spring
filling the quiet sadness that played another concert. I bowed before all the musicians.

Gardens of Russia: Melody garden

The weather is breaking, and the sky draws a grey veil of drizzling rain. The garden goes to sleep, and the air already smells of the approaching frosts.

Soon the first snow gently covered my favorite garden. High in the sky cry of the cranes, making a farewell circle over the house, and birch trees lowered their branches, as if sad that soon will come the cold.

Gardens of Russia: Melody garden

I bow to the garden, telling him Bravo! Everything was played on the notes and all the performers were on top. Thank you all, see you in the spring. Garden after the first frost looks fabulous, seized, fragile, transparent and ghostly. And the sound of the flute slowly cease.

осень, сад Китовой

Natalija Kitova, a landscape designer, a graduate of educational-practical center “Flowering planet”.

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