10019 Purple spot raspberry

Purple spot raspberry

In the summer the appearance of purple spots on raspberry shoots – the first signs of infection of plants dangerous fungal disease. Don’t miss it and immediately start processing!

The disease affects weakened plants, damaged by pests, especially stem Midge, old dense plantations, planting on heavy soils with excess nitrogen content close to the groundwater table.

How does purple spot raspberry? How to identify the disease?

First, at the annual shoots under the place of attachment of the petioles of the leaves appear purple or reddish-purple blurry spots. They increase rapidly and ringed stems.

пурпурная пятнистось малины

Purple spots raspberry

The affected areas of the cortex turn brown, crack. In the spring the middle of the brown spots on overwintered diseased shoots lighter, on her manifest black dots – pycnidia of the fungus. Further, the lesion extends to the buds, the tops of the leaves themselves, leaf plate. Affected buds do not bloom or formed a weak lateral branches. The bark on the affected areas crack and shoots wither and die before ripening. By autumn, in wet weather, spores infect new shoots.

How to protect a planting of raspberries from the purple spot?

In the early spring, before Bud carried out the processing of copper-containing fungicides: “Abiga Peak”, “Oksihom”, “Ambulance”, “Hom”, Bordeaux 1% mixture or preparation “Topaz”. Re-treat when regrowth of young shoots, in the beginning of flowering and after harvest.

The secret of success healthy raspberry regular destruction of plant residues, damaged shoots, cleanliness and sparseness of crops. Promptly fleeced and burn all plant remains, including leaves. Do not put them in compost, mushroom spores are able to germinate within two years. Timely remove the growth, do not let Malin to spread.

Don’t be afraid to cut out excess on the raspberry patch! Immediately after harvest, cut all the branches otplodonosivshih raspberries to the ground, leaving stumps, and burn. No need to leave them before the start of the autumn work, and especially until the spring. These branches do not need the plant (the lifetime for the escape of the raspberry – 2 years), they shade the young shoots and hamper their growth.

Balanced fertilizing, mulching plants. Autumn under perekopku make phosphorus-potassium fertilizer.

For planting raspberries pick Sunny and sublime place, not cultivate this crop in the lowlands and in places with high humidity.

Choose modern, disease-resistant varieties (e.g., meteor, conditioner, Kirzhach, Shy, Tarusa).

In early summer, dig out healthy shoots from the beginnings of the roots and transplant them to a new location. So for the season will grow a new raspberry patch.

Болезни малины

Purple spots raspberry

How to deal with purple spotting raspberry? How to save a planting of raspberries?

In severe cases plantations do not wait for the harvest, donate them and start treatment immediately.

Processing of raspberries from the disease:

1. Process plants tank mixture: “Fitolavin” 0,2% + “Fundazol” of 0.2%.

2. 7 days to spray on the leaves with a mixture of “Biocomplex BTU” + adhesive “Liposomes”.

3. After 14 days the roots to shed planting mixture: “Fitolavin” 0,2% + “Fundazol” of 0.2%.

4. 7 days to make under the root of the “Biocomplex BTU”.

5. 14 days to process plantation Bordeaux mixture 1%.

6. In autumn after leaf fall to handle shoots the “Femidom” 3%.

Purple spot raspberry

Purple spots raspberry

Shrubs affected more than half, can not be cured, they need to uproot and burn. The vacant space shed “Farmadom” soak the soil to a depth of 15 cm for 5 years at this place, do not plant raspberries.

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