Planting and growing beets

Planting and growing beets

Planting and growing beets

Planting and growing beets

In early may, it is customary to sow red beets. The soil by this time should reach a minimum temperature of 8-10 degrees, and beet seed is known to germinate at a temperature of +7 degrees.If the ground is still cold, planting should not act hastily.

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At the same time with the dining beet sow a chard – leaf-stemmed beets used to make green borscht, salads, extinguishing and for decorating.

Preparation and fertilization of soil for sowing beet

When preparing the soil you need to consider that red beets needed to make humus and is not recommended to make fresh manure, although the chard to use valid. In addition to organic matter, when preparing land for beets to be paid a complete fertilizer at the rate of 20 to 50 grams per square meter.As well as beetroot likes neutral soil,on the acidic land before digging on site should be scattering powdered lime: the acidic sites in the 200 — 400 grams per square meter and strongly acidic (overgrown with horsetail and sorrel) for 500 — 800 grams and even kilograms.

Planting beets

For sowing it is advisable to use odnorostkovaja varieties do not require thinning. Seed balls of beets before planting for a day soaked in water at room temperature with addition of microelements.After otagowane water planting should be undertaken within no more than 1 — 2 hours. Under beets assign plots low (less than 2 metres) groundwater table, since the root system of this culture penetrates deep into the ground.

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Reference books recommended for beet aisle with a width of 45 inches.But this figure has arisen from the fact that this width is convenient for mechanized processing of crops.A private garden would be the optimal inter-row spacing of 30 centimeters.Otherwise, the roots will grow out and become rough. The depth of sowing is 4-5 cm. The distance between sown by the glomeruli in the series should be 5 — 7 inches.After germination and remove the extra plants (if planted mnogovolnovye grade), the remaining can be given to grow up to the closure of plants in the row and every second to use on beam products for summer consumption.

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