9263 Pekin Duck Characteristics & Breed Information

Pekin Duck Characteristics & Breed Information

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Pekin Duck Characteristics & Breed Information

Pekin duck is an old dual purpose duck breed. It was originated in China and is now one of the most popular commercial duck breeds. It was bred from the mallard in China. Pekin duck is also known by some other names, such as the American Pekin duck or Long Island duck. Sometimes they are wrongly written as Peking ducks. The breed was brought to the Western World in the middle of 1800s.

The Pekin duck is now the most admired commercial meat duck breed in the United States. Their egg laying ability and fine meat quality made them the first choice of the American duck farmers. Today the Pekin duck is very popular and available throughout the world.

Pekin Duck Physical Characteristics

Pekin ducks are very beautiful. And the breed is in the heavy breed class. They have long bodies and quite long necks. They are very large breasted and have yellow skin. Their feathers are of white or creamy white in color. Their legs are a reddish or orange-yellow, and the bill is yellow. They have short wings. They have a more vertical posture than dabbling ducks, and have an overturned rump. The eyes of the Pekin duck boast grayish-blue colored iris, when observed closely. But when observed far away, their eyes seem to be black in color. On average, adult pekin ducks weight between 3.6 and 5 kg in captivity.

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Pekin duck is a dual purpose utility breed. In America they are raised for meat production. And around 95 percent of duck meat consumed in the United States is Pekin duck. But the breed is also suitable for eggs production.

Special Notes

Pekin ducks are popular for producing quality meat, as well as for their egg production. They are good layers and a duck will lay an average of 200 white colored eggs per year (if the duck is prevented from hatching the eggs or if the duck does not try to hatch her eggs). Pekin ducks are very intelligent bird. They will quack loudly for warning others about any predators near them. Pekin ducks tend to be broody, if not bothered and make good mothers. The ducklings grow very fast as compared to other meat duck breeds. Pekin ducks have very good temperament and they are friendly in nature. And they are also very good as pets. It is a very long-lived bird. The average lifespan of pekin duck is 9-12 years. Some ducks also live longer. Review full breed profile of Pekin duck below.

Pekin Duck | Breed Profile

Breed Name Pekin
Other Name American Pekin duck or Long Island duck
Breed Purpose Dual Purpose (eggs & meat)
Special Notes Calm, Friendly, Good as Pets
Breed Class Heavy
Broodiness Average
Weight 3.6 to 5 kg
Climate Tolerance All Climates
Egg Color White
Egg Size Large
Egg Weight 90-100 grams
Egg Productivity Medium
Flying Ability Poor
Rarity Common
Varieties White only
Country of Origin China

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