10080 Don't miss the solo exhibition of collectors of plants in the Apothecary!

Don’t miss the solo exhibition of collectors of plants in the Apothecary!

From 27 July – 07 August in the Botanical Garden (Apothecary garden) is hosting the exhibition “Summer grasses” section “Rare and dekorativnolistnye plants” Club flower Growers of Moscow at EOD.

Come to the Botanical Garden herb garden! Summer, fresh greens, lots of beautiful plants, especially so long since I had exhibitions of plants. And here from 27.07 to 7.08 in the Greenhouse are personal exhibitions of the members of the Club flower Growers of Moscow on Novinsky.

Collectors club presented plants, decorative at this time: Lily, astilbe, hosts, podophylli, rudbeckia, Echinacea, Burnet, grasses, Veronica, chrysanthemum, plant, Phlox, latest yarrow, Burgundy lip, beautiful sages and grebenniki, ornamental shrubs (interesting collection of willows, birches, rare new hydrangeas, including grade Rensam/Samara Lydia).

Every visitor will find something interesting for yourself and your garden. Consultations and workshops. You can choose plants for themselves, to make an order.

Take part in the exhibition: Tatyana Kurasova, the Litavrin Gennady, Masyukevich Love, Sobinin Love Cukurova Galina, Yelena Bednova, Olga Shishkova, Raisa Nesterenko, Elena Larionov, Goncharova Tatiana, Tatiana Chinaeva.

Here waiting for flower lovers!

Read more about the exhibitions see on the Club’s website: https://clubcm.ru

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