9529 Kutchi Goat Characteristics & Breed Information

Kutchi Goat Characteristics & Breed Information

Kutchi Goat Characteristics & Breed Information

The Kutchi goat (also known as Kathiawari) is an important breed of domestic goat from Gujarat state of India. It is a dual purpose breed and raised for both meat and milk production. The breed is native to the Kutch district of Gujarat. And the Kutchi goat breed derives it’s name after the ‘Kutch‘ district. The Kutch district in northern Gujarat is the natural habitat of this goat breed. Although the goats are also found in adjoining areas of southern Rajasthan, apart from the Kutch region.

Kutchi Goat Characteristics & Breed Information

The breed is valued for it’s meat and milk production capabilities in it’s native areas. The Kutchi goat’s flock size ranges from small to large, having 5-300 goats in each flock. Most of the flocks of Kutchi goats are stationary. But they migrate for a limited period to the adjoining areas. They usually migrate to the adjoining areas during the period of scarcity. And most of the Kutchi goat flocks are raised and maintained exclusively in an extensive grazing system round the year. Read more information about the Kutchi goat breed below.

Kutchi Goat Characteristics

Kutchi goat is a medium sized animal with a compact body and long legs. It has a predominantly black colored coat with a few white spots. Ears of the Kutchi goats are medium in size, flappy and drooping with typical white markings. Their face is slightly raised. The hair is coarse and long and the nose is slightly Roman. Both bucks and does usually have horns. The bucks have relatively long and strong horns, while the does have flat and weak horns. Udder of the does is reasonably developed with well placed long and conical teats. The Kutchi bucks on average weight about 46 to 49 kg, and average body weight of the does is about 40 kg.


The Kutchi goat is a dual purpose breed of goat. It is mainly raised for meat and milk production. But the breed is also good for hair production.

Special Considerations

The Kutchi goats are pretty strong and hardy animals. They are highly valued for both meat and milk production in it’s native areas. The breed is very good for stall fed goat farming system. And the does produce around 2 kg of milk daily in stall fed systems. And they produce about 0.5 kg milk daily on grazing resources or free range goat farming system. Lactation length of the Kutchi goat is about 6 to 7 months. Their average annual kidding is one, with a twinning percentage of 11. Along with meat and milk production, the Kutchi goat is also pretty good for hair production. Annual hair production is about 200 grams, when shorn twice a year. However, review full breed profile of the Kutchi goat in the following table.

Kutchi Goat | Breed Profile

Breed Name Kutchi
Other Name Kathiawari
Breed Purpose Meat & Milk
Breed Size Medium

Buck About 46 to 49 kg
Doe About 40 kg
Horns Yes
Climate Tolerance All Climates
Coat Color Black
Good for Stall Fed Yes
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin India

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