Red letter day
8803 Red letter day

Red letter day

Red cows on pedestals at the entrance to the tent, red ties for men and scarves for the ladies, smiles, music… It’s not may day demonstration is the farm of the future (future Farm Days) Lely.

Øtab-apartment of the Dutch company in the town of Maassluis gathered more than 750 guests. Cause for joy came to the home of the famous red robots was enough! The 70‑year anniversary of the company, the engineers said no words but valorous labor. To see two significant trends in the company’s portfolio and to congratulate each other gathered dealers, customers, and partners from Holland, Europe, Russia and from overseas…

And Lely great lit up our way

To celebrate the achievements together with the guests have arrived and the senior management of the company is the pioneer of robotization dairy cattle. With welcome speech the guests were addressed by the son of one of the founding fathers of Lely, Alexander van der Lely. Not without memories of how in 1948, two of the farmer’s son decided to facilitate the daily life of a dairy farmer. And from this spark ignited… presents a video retrospective of each of the areas of robotics – from milking to feeding – made in the holiday mood with a nostalgic touch. But spoke primarily about the bright “tomorrow”. For example, the new milking robot, which will be available in Europe in early summer, and in the US in the fall.

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”. Seems like a utopian principle guided the developers of the first version of the famous robot “Astronaut” – A1 quarter of a century ago. And since each generation is increasingly approaching the ideal. Appeared at the farmer’s need for more personal time and flexibility of the work schedule will be replaced by a robot.

Need to know more about the cow – information will be supplied to the display – computer, smartphone, PDA. The cow is able to decide when it’s time to come in for milking, – welcome to the milking box.

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The first “Astronaut” “landed” in the cow in 1992, Lely put forward from among the pioneers of robotics livestock. Today, freeing man from the drudgery of the milkers around the world are replacing more than 30 million units of robots. Recently the farm of the future leaders and developers of the company proudly showed the fifth generation “Astronaut”.

“The people who invented it, climbed into the cow’s head and understand how she thinks!” – exclaims a Dutch farmer Hans Keizer, talking about the experience of operating the pilot version of the robot. Its built in December 2016 farm 120 dairy cows serves one A5.

If to distract from emotions, that is – according to specialists – there are five compelling arguments to prefer the fifth generation of “astronauts” previous: comfort, service, accuracy, speed, efficiency. In the trend of energy saving and new robot boasts of the savings that is achieved by “hybridization” electro – hydraulic “hands” of the milker. This allowed not only to speed up donning cups (now the manipulator finds the nipple 30% faster!), but to make the process more accurate and – most importantly for cows – smooth and quiet (comfort!). A contribution to the comfort and health of animals making and milking separately for the shares of the udder.

Demonstrating a new robot, Keyser shared his concept for the prevention of mastitis: 75 % of the animals in the subclinical stage quite often just to milk (up to six times a day), and to the clinical manifestations of the inflammation is not reached.

Manage the cook

Milking more often with the new “Astronaut” – not a problem: Keyser cows visit the red operator more than 11 times a day. However, most admit to the robot on average 3.2 times per day. This frequency of visits is understandable: starting from the 4th generation “Astronauts” the cow does not have to overcome “the contours of the land” – the entrance and exit to the box are on the same line. The concept of I-flow has proved its efficiency: +4% performance of the robot in comparison with the 1st – 3rd versions. The box itself has become more “transparent” visually and wider than it really is: a cow during milking is better seen their “tribeswoman”, so it is less worry. Brushes not only clean the lower part of the udder and teats, but also stimulate milk flow. However, the comfort has increased not only for cows: if you create a new A5 seriously good programmers now handling robot farmer even easier. Visual, intuitive menus, the ability to set their own KPIs depending on the conditions of work of the enterprise and beliefs of the owner, simplified maintenance design…

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Special mention deserves the program for “her first time” Easy First Milking: the first time you visit a new animal 3D camera performs calibration with the laser positioning glasses (accuracy – one of the arguments!), and subsequently the procedure of putting on is much faster. Fixing the rate of milk output of each share of the udder, the computer sets and individual ripple, and next proceeds to “service” the “slow” portion first – it is also good for the speed of service.

In General, computer scientists have relied on management by exception (management by exception): more information about the cow, the more advanced the system processes this information… someday in the bright future of this “artificial intelligence” to make decisions and even lead them into action. Meanwhile, the system analyzes data from numerous sensors, and displays them in the T4C software (office version) or T4C InHerd (for mobile devices).

In other words, instead of treating each cow in the herd, the farmer should focus on deviations, and just about any exceptions or intervention is required he will get the alert. If a cow is all right, its circulation in the barn is on the usual route: lounge / feeding – milking box and back.

The role of personality…

Putting in the forefront “personalities” – the farmer and the cow, in his philosophy of the developers Lely was asked to leave from, in order to consider the Central process of a milking farm. In the new concept of the barn, sales at Keyser, is in focus cow. At the same time – although this sounds paradoxical – with the cows the farmer is asked to contact as little as possible.

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“The less the farmer appears at the barn – the calmer in this situation, agrees with the developers of the Hans. – 80 % of demand 20 % of the animals, and only them – require additional care (treatment, insemination) – a robot through selection gate directs to the waiting area. And they are going there at a time that is convenient to the farmer”.

The result is more comfortable to live everything: the cow that does not expect hours vet visit, and the farmer who gets the opportunity to plan your day more flexibly.

His contribution to the freedom from “enslavement” of the farmer make a robot podtalkivaet feed. By the anniversary of the Lely introduced an updated version of the already popular even in the Russian farms pusher the Lely Juno. Now he can not only push feed along a predetermined path, but also to deviate from vertical to 15°, and move at an angle, to open with the help of the Bluetooth door of the barn, to move to another building. And not to get dirty on the way, Juno lifts the rubber “skirt”, and the food is not contaminated. Nearly half a year worked for Keyser on the farm with the support of pilot versions of “Astronaut” and “Young”. During the year the robot should be 1.2 million tons of milk per day from 120 cows get 1.3 tons.

The bright future of mankind

“Modern agriculture is not the same, which was used by our fathers and grandfathers, and our grandchildren’s future to be a farmer is not scary: because now there are so many technical innovations! – says Alexander van der Lely. – However, the reduction in the available workforce becomes all the more significant factor of production. And the only answer to this challenge is the increasing automation”.

And we, to paraphrase a classic, we add: “the future is the power of human intelligence plus robotics all processes”. For some it’s the future – in the red.

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