How to grow cabbage

How to grow cabbage

How to grow cabbage

There are three types of cabbage: early maturing, mid-season, late-maturing. Varieties that ripen early,bring a small harvest. Cabbage -small (1.5 kg) and not very dense. Medium is made fresh,but they are suitable for winter preparations. Postmenopausa cabbage can zaselyatsya or kept on duty right head.

Early varieties as seedlings are planted in the ground at the beginning of March until 28 April.Late – from 20 April to early may.To seeds have germinated, they need enough moisture at about half their weight.

After germination, culture thinned out, leaving room for each plant a 2×2 see in a couple of weeks diving and has already thrown 3 x 3 cm At the time of picking you need to remove the stem at the cotyledonary leaves. A couple of weeks, the plants are again transplanted into cups 5x5cm

To obtain strong seedlings and to highlight. Cabbage,as a rule, not enough daylight in the room. Per day should be dosvechivat culture about 15 hours.

Need watering the cabbage so that the land was not left dry or flooded.If you love water, then often loosen the soil.

The room temperature must remain below 18C.After germination of the seeds t can be reduced to 15C day and night to 10C. This will strengthen the plants and not allow them to stretch out.

First time to feed the cabbage after 10 days after the pick.In one liter of water requires 2 g of ammonium nitrate and potash fertilizers. Add 4 g of superphosphate. Liter jar of dressing will last for 60 bushes.First pour the seedlings with plain water and then feed. Otherwise the plants can burn.

Fertilize a second time, making a two-week break. Make the same solution, but add fertilizer twice more.If the leaves begin to turn yellow, then pour the slurry, solution make 1:10.

Third time to feed the culture a couple of days before landing on the bed. 3 g. of ammonium nitrate, 8 g. of potash and 5 g of superphosphate add in a liter of water.

Don’t forget to spend a hardening of the culture.This should be done in a couple of weeks before planting. The first three days just open the window. Following days, take out the bushes for a couple of hours outside and pricenice a newspaper.After a week, begin to water less, leave on the balcony all day and all night, until she moved seedlings on a bed.

To avoid the occurrence of black leg in the Cup necessary to dry the ground,slightly covered with ash and loosen often.

Growing green onions on the rules

When to plant?

We will focus on Luke, which is grown on the pen.For this purpose, shallots, onion or onion samples. Before planting, trim and dry the neck of the onion and soak in water for 24 hours. Water temperature is taken + 35C.Can be soaked in a solution of humic fertilizers.

Landing on the ridge the right time – early spring.But it is allowed to do it in the fall, just rooting should occur before the frosts begin.

How to plant onions?

The most successful and common method of planting – rows. The distance between bulbs is taken from 10 to 15 cm Between rows to 8 cm On each m2 will require about seven kg of onions.

In the fertile soil often gets bow bridge way. Ie, the bulbs are thrown close to each other,and therefore need them twice (per 1 m2 of around 10-13 kg).

Onions prefer to grow in soil composed equally of a mixture of sand, peat, garden soil and humus. Deep planting is not required, only need to stick a onion up to the neck in the ground,and when it will come out, then put again to the same place. Immediately after planting should be watered with warm water.Culture is planted in greenhouses or under cover the material.

How to care?

After planting onions require a lot of water and therefore loosen the soil should also be regularly.Otherwise he’ll just rot from excessive moisture. So far, a onion need to be watered often, but gradually.

To improve the quality of the pen and increasing yields, culture fertilize nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization. Suitable organic,such as chicken litter or manure soaked in water.But after such a watering appear insects, most onion flies. You should not overdo it with organic podarkami.

Now let’s talk how to grow onions

Anyone can grow onions from sets, it is not difficult.We will talk about the secrets, allowing to increase the yield.These secrets are directly connected with the needs of culture in nursing. For example, perennial crops will certainly die in petelicki phase at +2 C.

So, the landing sevka must be made no earlier than two weeks after the snow melts. The soil should dry out and warm up. The bow gives preference to peat, sandy, clay soil. The digging of ridges have to be made to the depth of the spade and later to be a metal rake.When the spring digging in, add the soil a complex mineral fertilizer with a handful of ash.And during the season podkarmlivayut bow three times.

Preparation for planting is pruning at sevka bottoms and tops. This will make the bow faster to put down roots and give the pen. Make the depth of the furrow not more than 4 cm. Stick the onion and sprinkle the soil at 2.5 cm, but no more.If planted deeper, the head will ripen later, but very shallow planting will stop growing due to the exposed bulbs. In the spring the soil is usually quite wet and therefore watering is not required. This is the classic and most proven method of planting sets.

Care the onion does not require special.During the growing season culture drinks a lot, that means you have to water every day (if no rain) at 10 liters per square meter.Requires much moisture it the ripening of the pen.But the heads ripen and dry in warm weather.

Onions need a lot of light,so choose to crop planting Sunny areas of the garden. Harvest onions begin to gather after the growth of young shoots and downs the pen on the ground.Two weeks before the beginning of harvest not water. Harvested onions lay in a dry place and allow to dry properly. Dry onions and is stored for a long time.

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