Haryana Cow
9942 Haryana Cow

Haryana Cow

Haryana Cow

Haryana cow breed originated form Haryana zila of India. They are available in almost all Asian countries. This cow breed is also available in southern part of America and in Latin America. Characteristics of haryana cow are described below.

  • The color of their body is white or slightly ash.
  • They become very strong and hardy.
  • Their body is well arranged and tight.
  • Horns are long, glossy and smooth.
  • Head is long and comparatively thin.
  • Gives milk about 3000-3500 kg annually.
  • Give milk 300 days a year.
  • Haryana cow breed can tolerate high temperature.
  • Adult bull weights about 400-500 kg and cow 800-1000 kg.
  • They gain sexual maturity lately than other cow.
  • Heifer produce calf at the age of 4 years.
  • Milk of haryana cow contain about 5% fat.

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