10031 Facts about garden moths

Facts about garden moths

You spent countless hours planning and planting, and when it comes time to sit and enjoy the garden, moles appear. Rather, they do not appear because they are underground creatures. But they reveal their presence when the tremors surround the landscape, and the yard run the ridge line, which indicates the habits of earth-moving machines. Now

There is a lot of debate about the benefits or harm of the lawn or garden of moles. On the other hand, moles effectively remove the artichokes from your garden. Artichokes can cause damage to the root crops that you grow; they also like to bite the onion and perennial roots. Favorite food of the moth larvae, so when butterflies are present, larvae will not. The good news is that moles will be less concerned about your plants and their roots. Actually how bad can be a garden moths?

The presence of a garden mole is a disadvantage. Their burrows form a hole in the yard, pushed the stones deep into the ground where the mower can throw them, and cut the bulb and roots carefully planted annuals and perennials. The same plants can be rooted and thrown roughly in the direction of the development of underground tunnels. Moles love to eat earthworms, which are beneficial to your garden because of the reproduction and its ability to produce rich, organic soil.

So, you got it; the advantages and disadvantages of garden moths. Now you have to decide, whether you decide to live with them and whether adverse side effects on your yard or you have them correct. If you choose the latter, you will have another choice: how to go with them. You can kill them directly, like many, by any means available. You can buy pellets or poisons, which, being placed in the tunnels and moth eaten, kill them quite effectively. There are traps that you can buy, which will definitely lead to the death of the moth garden because of suffocation, immobilization or cuts.

You can decide you don’t want an ugly garden moths left in your yard, but you just don’t have the stomach to kill them. You can also buy a lot of traps that will allow you to catch the mole and then to move it away from the court to release him for life in the wild. You can even create an effective trap yourself using a simple empty jar of coffee in the bottom of the tunnel.

Garden moles do not realize that they are destroying a carefully planned garden. They mean one mission, namely the search and the use of artichokes. You decide if you can live with them or in one way or another to destroy them from your garden.

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