10086 Facts about different types of orchids

Facts about different types of orchids

If you are a novice producer of orchids, do not worry many people who think that growing orchids is what you need to the experts. It’s not that hard. Why not gather the right information, to try to become an expert? A good place to start is to learn the basic types of orchids, their growth and the type of conditions they like.

Here is a small dictionary of some terms that you can find that describe the type of orchids:

epiphyte:a Term used to describe orchids that grow on trees or on other plants. Epiphytic orchids are not parasitic plants. They usually extract nutrients from plant residues and water from the air. Of course, their roots are usually exposed to air. Plants that grow this way are sometimes called “air plants.” This type of plants never grows well, if you sink its roots in the heavy soil.

Earth: You probably already guessed that this term refers to plants growing at ground level. Terrestrial orchids often grow on light soils or among accumulated in the forest natural vegetation remnants. They can have normal roots than to stretch down or pseudobulbs that store water.

litefit: Plants growing on stone surfaces are called lithophytic. They grow as epiphytes, and their roots are exposed to air and feed on the debris on the rock surface.

monopodial: This term describes the nature of the growth of some orchids. This vertical growth model, therefore, these plants develop new growth on their vertical stems.

Sympodial: Orchids, described as sympodial, those that have a horizontal growth pattern. They spread laterally, developing new growth and many stems often grow as they spread.

Although the understanding of these terms is useful, there are many different varieties of orchids that fall into each category, and they come from different places and different climatic conditions — therefore impossible to determine the exact requirements for care on the basis of these main categories. You want to get detailed information about the types of orchids you want to grow.

A beginner can easily make a mistake that leads to an unhealthy plant, and these mistakes are often based on myths about growing orchids that have survived for centuries. Let us refute two of them:

  • Many people think that orchids needed for growth hot Equatorial conditions. It’s wrong Some people can, but many public varieties do not.

  • You may have heard that orchids need frequent watering, moist and humid conditions and plenty of water. It is not so. Orchids do not like to be constantly moist, most varieties will become quite ill if their potty place on a tray with water.

You have taken the first step to the knowledge of orchids. Try to learn more about the type of orchids you have and you have all the chances of success.

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