9461 Dutch Landrace Goat Breed Information

Dutch Landrace Goat Breed Information

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Dutch Landrace Goat Breed Information

The Dutch Landrace goat (also known as Nederlandse Landgeit) is a breed of domestic goat, but it’s not used for commercial purposes. The breed is one of the original goat breeds found in the Netherlands. It is related to other northwest European “Landrace”-named goat breeds. The Dutch Landrace goat shows great similarity with other northwest European Landraces as found in Scandinavia or the feral goats in Great Britain.

The breed was once very rare. There were only two goats left in 1958, and those two goats were bred with very similar goats found in the area. Today the population of the Dutch Landrace goat has increased, and there are over a thousand goats kept by many members of the Dutch Breeders Association of the Dutch Landrace. Read more information about this goat breed below.

Dutch Landrace Goat Breed Information

Dutch Landrace Goat Characteristics

Dutch Landrace goat is a beautiful, unique looking and medium sized goat breed. It has long hair. It appears in many colors. And all colors are allowed except for the typical Toggenburg coloration. Both bucks and does are usually horned. Their horns are long, strong and thick.


Total number of the Dutch Landrace goat is not too much available today. The breed can be kept for meat, milk or fiber production.

Special Considerations

Original population of the Dutch Landrace goat breed was nearly extinct in the mid twentieth century. But their population is increasing gradually. Now more than a thousand goats are available. Currently the breed is not used for commercial purpose. A herd of 60-120 goats are kept in national reserves and used to keep naturally open areas such as moors free of trees. However, review full breed profile of the Dutch Landrace goat in the following table.

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Dutch Landrace Goat | Breed Profile

Breed Name Dutch Landrace
Other Name Nederlandse Landgeit
Breed Purpose The breed is not commercially used
Breed Size Medium

Buck Not sure
Doe Not sure
Horns Yes
Climate Tolerance All Climates
Coat Color Many
Good for Stall Fed Not Sure
Rarity Common
Country/Place of Origin Netherlands


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