10009 Country fence: design ideas

Country fence: design ideas

Sometimes country a fence can radically change the impression of the plot. Why? Yes, because the fence is a “frame” for the garden, without which the most beautiful garden does not “sparkle”. The result is a suburban area is not perceived as a whole without this “frame”. If you change the frame in the picture, then this picture will look differently. Here’s the garden in the same way.

забор, домик для насекомых

On a wooden fence equipped houses for insects (photo: www.shutterstock.com/ru/g/Sergey+V+Kalyakin)

What to consider when choosing a fence

A garden fence can be replaced, but can modify existing ones, at least in some places. And that may be enough for a wonderful effect. But dealing with the transformation of the fence and choosing the ideas for its design, remember that the fence is also the element of security, tranquility and comfort in the garden. There is also a fence forms the microclimate of your garden, and perhaps your most loved plants for their beauty owe it to him. The fence, of course, completely changes the parameters such as temperature, humidity, illumination, air flow through the winds, but he adjusts them significantly for the better. All of this must be met, or at least not disturbed by your transformation.

The construction of the fence

The fence is a vertical construction along the perimeter of the site, on tape or pier Foundation that can be built from different materials. The height of any fence depends on the height of your home, and the size of your site. The larger the area the higher the house, the higher should be the fence. There must be harmony! However, really do not you should plan a fence higher than 5 m. This has no practical significance.

Comfortable and with a lower fence, the consumption of materials for a fence of this size is huge, and from uninvited guests if they are “professionals”, so height is not an obstacle. Obstacle more likely to be the materials and construction of the fence, not the height. Of course, within reasonable limits, you will have several options of heights. According to the General standards of a comfortable height is the height of the fence from 1.8 to 3 meters, depending on the specific situation. Choose the height at which you are psychologically more comfortable, and also note how at the height of the fence will be shaded by your landing. Still, the garden needs light.

заборWavy wire mesh fence

Materials for a country fence

They need to be “in the song” with a plot that is combined with materials for finishing the house, and with other materials present in the garden. And should be respected the stylistic unity of house and garden, in other words, the selected material should match the style of the garden.

You must keep in shape, “pattern”, lines and materials of your fence repeated the design of the house and the plot basic, the most striking motifs of home decoration, gazebo, Seating areas, lines, planning area, and the same materials, which decorated the house and used on the site. Under this principle, you will have absolute harmony. Well, if the fence is not solid, it consists of a separate structural elements, that’s something they can “play” in each case, to link the house and garden.

By some basic material for the fence, the principle of stylistic unity it is possible to consider it as separate elements. It is important to note that each of the material for the fence device has its own features and capabilities to make your site even more beautiful. At one and the same technology and the same material design can be quite different.

заборWavy fence

Making wooden fences

The tree is beautiful, “living” material! Wooden fences are inexpensive, reliable, and potentially creative. If you want a solid wooden fence, it is best to install it in separate sections, which are mounted between the columns. These bars can be made of wood, or in the form of pipes, but it is best to put them out of bricks, blocks or stone. It will be durable, and beautiful: combines material and color. The fence may be non-continuous, and of the individual composing elements. In this case, it’s either the fence or the fence in the form of a wooden “grid”. Also very nice options, especially in combination with solid elements. There is another kind of non-continuous fence – the fence, but he has no reliability, but for the zoning of space inside the garden is a great idea!

заборA fence made of pine logs

To achieve harmony, you need to paint one used on the site colors. However, the fence can be color tinted wood, but to repeat an often used plot colors in the decor of the supporting pillars. To make your fence has been spruced up, you can figure to decorate the ends of the individual elements. The individual elements of the fence sections can be different lengths and be arranged so that together they make a beautiful “triangle”. And smooth they be optional: very beautiful curved elements. You can run a wooden fence made of round logs with pointed ends. Separate logs can be carved.

заборThe fence, imitating the fence (photo: www.shutterstock.com/ru/g/Sergey+V+Kalyakin)

Very beautiful wooden fence with different inserts. For example, against a solid fence can be an openwork insert in the form of large diamonds, squares, circles, rectangles, diagonal wooden grid.

A wooden fence can decorate not only panels, but also forged plates. Even if these elements are small, they adorn the fence. A wooden fence can be decorated with patterns composed of small pieces cut from aluminum cans. Are these patterns are very unusual. A wooden fence can be “duplicate” of another fence – wrought iron. A very interesting option, is always beautiful: in summer and in winter.


Saw wave on a straight fence – your fence will look very stylish

The sections of the fence does not necessarily have to be rectangular, they can figuratively “cut” using the profile lines that you need in style.

It is possible to install supporting columns of large diameter pipes, and paint them in the color of the fence, and can be, for some styles, on the contrary, to paint the pipes very bright paint.

The fence can become part of the “sports grounds”, to strengthen it ring for a basketball game. If your wooden fence has a concrete or brick pillars, you can coat them with stones or pebbles. This is especially effective option. The stone can be laid in a variety of ways – the impression will also be different. Instead of natural stone, you can use artificial, it is somewhat expensive, but very lightweight, more resistant, and facing them much easier than natural stone. Polish this stone is not needed.


A fence of birch logs with the decor

Unusual, spectacular and very cheap option – a fence of unedged Board. For a device of this fence need to choose the “scenic” unedged boards. In other words, they were expressive drawing of the tree and the rough, jagged edges. Then these boards need to postrogat below the surface was smooth. The fence runs from long boards fixed horizontally. Thus it is necessary to alternate unedged boards with straight obraznymi, but not edging boards should be much more. Of the same boards done and the gate.

The design of the fences of brick

They always look very “dignified”. Brick – the material is beautiful and natural, also there are many types, for all tastes. However, the brick fences are not only durable and beautiful, but also very suitable for any decor as the brick goes well with almost all other materials. The brick masonry of the fence must be of high quality.

The bricks are different colors and you can choose whether your fence to have any ornament, or it will be solid. Brick fences are perfectly combined with the forging, stone, metal items, even if such elements are not repeated anywhere else. Therefore, these materials can be used for decoration of gates and wickets. Wooden gate and the gate in the brick fence will look good too. Wood can also be a decorative fence.

If your fence provides a base, with construction to decorate it with pieces of granite, pushing them in the still uncured concrete. Laying a brick fence, you can place individual bricks in masonry to fill with foam. When laying is complete, the foam is cleaned and the resulting “niche” in masonry land undemanding groundcover.


This “stone” painted on the concrete insert

If you choose to fence a solid brick, can the support poles to make bricks of different shades, or to make these pillars a different texture. At a laying of a brick fence can be laid brick original: angled, but not flat and spatial, “textured”.

It is possible to impose fully brick fence with natural stone, and the top to protect the veneer lacquer for stone. It looks great, and saves money, because the fence is entirely of stone is very expensive. Can impose a fence artificial stone. This is especially beautiful if artificial stone is bright. And the pillars in this case it is better to make dark: to do this, just paint the brick in a chocolate color. The brick is painted perfectly.

заборDecor animates the monolithic brick wall (photo: www.shutterstock.com/ru/g/Sergey+V+Kalyakin)

The fence can be plaster, and then paint or decorate a wooden saw cut. The gate can be decorated wrought-iron bell. A very beautiful option is a combination of brick and wrought iron elements. If a brick fence provides a concrete plinth, then under construction, the concrete can be decorated manually any texture.

Design concrete fences

Looks like a concrete fence few “brutal”, for some styles it fits, for others it is not. But this versatile material in design, blank canvas for decorating. It is possible to arrange intermediate solutions: only the concrete pillars and sections of fence of another material. A concrete fence is quite expensive, but it provides a great opportunity. The concrete is painted perfectly, and your fence can be any color you want.

заборPainting concrete fence (photo: www.shutterstock.com/ru/g/Sergey+V+Kalyakin)

Concrete fences, no constraints of the form. Any of the most bizarre – in your hands. It all depends on the formwork. Under construction, concrete is particularly easy to decorate with various inserts, cast with holes of any shape. A concrete fence can be lined with natural and artificial stone, reinforce it forged elements. Concrete fence, easy to make niches and built-in benches.

On the array of concrete at the construction you can put small figurines or symbols of stone or gravel, or to do something where the “insertion” of glass.

The concrete can be covered with textured plaster.

Making of wrought iron fences

Wrought iron fence is probably the most beautiful, and it is also the most individual. After all, you may want to request a drawing of forging, which will not be none. Have a wrought iron fence lot of advantages: it is delicate, allowing you to subtly show the beauty of your property, forging perfectly emphasizes the dignity of plants, and does not obscure the plot. Wrought iron fence is easy to paint in any color, or order it already painted.

Wrought iron fence can be installed on a solid Foundation, and may not be – it depends on what look you want to enough to make a Foundation-only the supporting pillars. Forging goes well with any facing material of the support pillars, the dependency exists only in color: dark forging goes well with any color veneer, and color must be combined with the color coating materials. If the fence is wrought iron, it is best if forged items section will be framed, as the openwork pattern is especially beautiful when it has clear boundaries.

заборWooden fence panels; Forging; the Pillars, built of stone

A very unusual and stylish will look wrought iron fence, if sections of the fence will not be strictly vertical, perpendicular to the surface of the earth, and will be installed with a slope. The angle needs a small enough 5 – 8 degrees. You can combine the striking dark color with “gold” or “silver” elements. Can be combined within a single wrought-iron fence and a brick “section”, or section of decorated stone. You can make small inserts forged into a solid fence made of colored concrete. Perfectly forging and glass, coloured glass items (tempered glass).

The design of fences of profiled sheeting

In fact, nothing in these primitive fences, no, although it is a very cheap option. These fences are beautiful, durable, easy to install, and they are no worse than wood. Corrugated sheet good cut, and it is possible to obtain sections of the fence the desired shape – for example, on top of these sections can have a scalloped or curved, with any radius of curvature. The poles for a fence of corrugated Board can use any, but from the point of view of design is especially beautiful brick.

If you have purchased the corrugated sheet without painting, be sure to paint it without painting it is not decorative. But now, basically, most of the corrugated sheet is sold with the painting. Sense to buy unpainted corrugated sheet is when you need a rare color, and the desired coloring is not commercially available. If you have chosen a fence of another material, it is not necessary to forget about possibilities of corrugated sheets, it is possible to make the trim elements, as well as the gate and the gate. If you make a fence of corrugated Board, corrugated sheet, use the same color as the roof of your home. It is possible to combine corrugated sheet with pillars, decorated with natural stone. Impressive looks corrugated, matching color with the color of the bricks covering the supporting columns. It is possible to make the gate and the gate of the arcuate cut corrugated sheet.

The design of fences made of mesh netting

These fences are very economical, because a Foundation is needed only under the supporting columns, which are made from metal pipes or channels. A major advantage of the fence of metal mesh is that it is compatible with any style of garden, it is “invisible”, dissolving in the space of the garden.

Such a fence does not obscure the garden is obstructing beautiful views, provides good ventilation, and moreover, is a ready device for vertical gardening. The main disadvantages – visibility, lack of protection from the wind, and the standard height (there is no order of the section “non-standard” height). But these disadvantages can be overcome: combine elements of metal mesh with other types of fencing. Remember that combining is a design method, the overall look will benefit from this.

If you build a fence netting, you can make “layer” fence – parallel combination of individual sections of fence netting with another type of fencing. For example, a wooden fence, covered with netting, the netting is doubled up inside the fence. “Multi-layered” fence visually make the site more! If any part of the fence on the inside of the site looks unattractive, you can upholster it with paneling or close bamboo mats. You can combine a fence of metal mesh with a separate wrought iron elements. Perfectly the chainlink fence with hedges. The best idea for fence netting – vertical gardening.

You can use metal mesh for hanging of the suspended containers with flowering plants. You can arrange for some section of the fence is beautiful “frame”. Then the section of the fence will turn into a “picture.” Section “netting” can be issued with garlands.


The technology of inlay stones and shells, Decoration of the fence panels of natural stone, and a Notched fence

Universal ways to make any existing fence design

These methods can be used regardless of the material of the fence, and, importantly, there is no need to change the old fence by a new one. A method of combining involves the replacement of individual sections of the fence.


Like almost everywhere in garden design, combination of fences – that is, fences in a combination of different materials – usually the most beautiful, creative. The garden with the fence definitely looks bigger, so as not to appear the exact boundaries, and pleasant to the eye to see the variety. For example, the fence can be wood, a piece of polycarbonate, part – mesh netting, and a separate section can be a gabion. The meaning here is such that you can regulate the desired types and design. Where you need to hide from prying eyes or wind – put a solid fence, where you have made a beautiful planting of shrubs or a beautiful view – you can install the netting. Where you want to have a rest area – you can install a beautiful wood fence with lattice, lay out a section of the beautiful brickwork (for example, if you have planned a BBQ), or set the same gabion. Such “creative” insert in the fence are perceived not as a fence, but rather, as a garden partition, beyond which – who knows – maybe the proceeds of the garden.

заборCreative concrete fence with a variety of shelves for plants (photo: www.shutterstock.com/ru/g/Sergey+V+Kalyakin)


It is best to combine perennials, especially flowering and those that have decorative foliage, with climbing plants. To fence is the best option – curly perennials. All you need to do is clip on the fence to support them. In addition, the fence can be masked by a parallel planted hedge, perfect spruce or basswood.

Art painting of fence

The fence can be painted in a new color to paint the stencil, and make an insert or lining of any interesting materials.

The device in some places layered fence

That means the fence is duplicated as if some other, lower and more purely decorative fence, for example, a fence, and the third layer, it is possible to plant even a lower hedge. The principle is that all three fences were visible at the same time, and made the impression of a single hedge. This displays the amount of characteristic layering, the effect is stunning

The zoning of the fence

Not only the garden, but the fence is zoning! For example, to paint different parts of the fence in different colors, or even “the strip”. Or you can make a paste – gabion, and even a Bicycle or a wheel of a cart.


The fence can be decorated by hanging him on numerous shelves (on which you can put container with flowers) or directly hanging pots with bright colors. In addition, the fence can be strengthened mirrors, hanging empty picture frames, small decorative birdhouses, flat figures made of plywood, decorative overlays (bells, wrought iron rosettes, lattice). You can combine multiple items together, creating “modules” for the fence, for example, to join the bright circle of plywood, a frame for a picture and a pot with a flower, or the frame and the birdhouse, etc.

заборShelves for plants on the fence (photo: www.shutterstock.com/ru/g/Sergey+V+Kalyakin)

Addition to fence

To the fence, you can “attach” gazebos, pergolas, seats, beautiful themed areas or flower beds.

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