10084 What is a therapeutic garden and how to do it?

What is a therapeutic garden and how to do it?

What is a therapeutic garden? Who and why they are necessary in modern cities and why “gardens of special purpose” have become one of the most promising in the world of landscape design? 31 July at the roundtable experts will discuss the gardens with therapeutic effect

How to design a garden that he was not just a resting place but space therapy? What is the difference between therapeutic gardens for the elderly, children, patients in rehabilitation centers? Can poorly-designed therapeutic garden to hurt instead of to heal? And how to avoid it?

Round table of the open international competition of urban and landscape design festival of the government of Moscow “Flower jam” will be held online on July 31 at 16:00. To see the live broadcast and ask questions of the speakers will visit the “Flower jam” in social network Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moscowflowerfest/ and on YouTube channel Flower Jam https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB_xf54STLKIWnKci_9QwmQ

The participants of the round table will be leading landscape designers and architects from Russia and from abroad, professors of universities and schools of landscape design, representatives of social organizations. The listeners of the discussion to know when appeared first on therapeutic gardens and the medieval Apothecary garden differs from a modern “garden of special purpose”, “the Garden of happiness” Ferrara and beech garden Ivrea, about which therapeutic gardens cannot use bright exotic plants and why, how to plan a therapeutic garden, range of plants, decorative elements vary depending on the profile of the institution for which it is created; what is the garden for patients with polyarthritis from the garden for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and whether when you create a therapeutic garden to rely only on intuition, or we must start from the research and professional development, and more.

The results of the discussion will be the list of recommendations for the creation of therapeutic gardens from leading professionals as well as a list of resources that should be used in the design. Access to the list of recommended resources will receive all of the broadcast listeners.

Participants of the round table:

Lucia Nyliner (Italy) Landscape Architect, co-founder of “Studio GPT” Festival of landscape design in Bergamo “Il Maestri del Paessagio”, gold medalist of the competition “Flower jam”-2019 in the category of gardens in social areas.

Adam white (UK) landscape designer, author of the landscape project for special children “Autistic children and play garden” at the Chelsea Flower Show-2019.

Andrew Davies (UK) – landscape designer, author of a landscape project for special children “Autistic children and play garden” at the Chelsea Flower Show-2019.

Humaira Ikram (UK) – ecologist, a landscape designer from the course of Garden design (KLC school of Design)

Victoria Chichinadze (Georgia/Ukraine) – sculptor, designer, winner of Chelsea Flower Show, one of the authors of the concept of decoration of a therapeutic garden for the hospice “House of a lighthouse”.

Nuray the aitymov in Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan) – Director landscaping company Landscape DN,

Anna Eliseeva (Russia) – architect,

Juliana Belinskaya (Kazakhstan) – landscape architect DN Landscape.

Gold medalists of the competition “Flower Jam”- 2019 (draft social category on the territory of the boarding school for visually impaired children). The finalists of the contest “Flower Jam”-2020

Boris Sokolov (Russia) – Professor of Russian state humanitarian University, specialist on the history of world art, the history of landscape art.

Natalia Kulikova (Russia) – Director of “Charity Fund of museums”, curator of the program, in the framework of which the exhibitions “the Imperial Gardens of Russia” and “Imperial Bouquet” in Pavlovsk was created exhibition gardens for children with special needs (children were not only visitors but also participants in the process of creating a garden).

Pavel Suvorov (Russia) – Director of special correctional boarding school № 2 for children with visual impairment.

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