Weed control

Weed control

Weed control

Is it possible to make the aisles between the beds did not grow grass? Of course, weed control in the aisles is not only possible, but necessary.The truth here is to tear the grass with your hands or garden equipment is absenteeism. The result within a few days.

You have probably seen or covered themselves ridge strawberry black film. This measure solves the problem of weeds, retains moisture in the soil and it warms faster in the spring.This is a good method of mulching berry ridge. You can mulch the walkways between beds. The most popular way with the use of cardboard, magazines and Newspapers as mulch.

In the passages between the ridges first, put newspaper or cardboard,then filled with sawdust to layer up to three inches and spread with a rake. Sawdust strewed with sand, to the wind they were not inflated.

Useful weeds

The weeds that we used so eagerly to fight, not always harmful.A large part of the weeds on your plot differ remarkably useful properties. Consider some of them.

Stinging nettle

This weed, so irritating to us,actually has a good effect on other plants. Nettle enhances the stability, alters chemical processes that helps to form humus.In places of growth of nettles, the land is rich in organic matter. In addition, in the grass, a neighbor of the nettle increases the content of essential oil.

Nettle will not allow settlement of the potato bug and the potato bug hurt can not. Preparations on the basis of this burning plants improve lactation in young mothers, promote the work of the heart, kidneys, liver, stomach, reduce the blood sugar.

The weed yarrow

This herb is beneficial for growth of cultural plantings and rid them of harmful insects and some diseases. The leaves of yarrow are rich in volatile production, kills bacteria pests.From it is prepared a special decoction for the improvement of culture. Scald with boiling water weed for at least seven hours (800 g of grass and 2 litres of boiling water).When the broth is ready, add 9 litres of water and sprinkle the desired culture. The leaves go in salad,but also are used as seasoning for other dishes.


This weed prefers compacted earth and contribute to their structuring. Chamomile protects the territory of growth from the harmful effects and contributes to the growth of cultural plantings.If Daisy growing next to cabbage or onions, the taste quality of vegetables improved.Yes, and they grow much faster.

Chamomile itself has a huge number of medicinal properties,and therefore often found in the composition of medicines. In folk medicine it is used as infusion as an anti-inflammatory.Also chamomile tea has analgesic and antibacterial properties, improves the immune system of a person.

Weed the comfrey

From this plant it is possible to cook a wonderful fertilizer that will give the crops potassium and nitrogen. The dressing of this fertilizer you can make beans, cucumbers and tomatoes. The stem and leaves of comfrey are used to prepare decoction, which is taken for improvement of the cardiovascular system. Also the plant is used as a sedative and analgesic, has a diuretic effect. It can be used in salads,goes well with boiled meat, greens and peas, and seasoning suitable cream.


This weed emit ethylene that accelerates the ripening of the vegetables and apples on the Apple tree. Dandelion benefits from the spine to the top. Pollen contains manganese, boron and many other trace elements. People cook jam from it. The young foliage a lot of vitamin C,because the dandelion is added to salads, soups, salad and stuffing.And if you dry the roots and grind, will make for an excellent coffee substitute.


This weed inhibits the plant in the neighborhood,however, good to prepare a decoction against caterpillars.

Thistle and sow Thistle

Inulin is a valuable substance found in the roots of these weeds.It is used in the treatment of diabetes. The plant can be put in the salad, then the appetite will be,and the dish will get a unique taste.

Quack grass

Wheatgrass is so unpretentious that some gardeners just can’t deal with this weed on my plot. The leaves and root of Wheatgrass have amazing properties. It needs to dry and add when cooking jelly or baking pastry. Fresh Wheatgrass added to salads, soups or side dishes. Its properties – treatment of bladder, cough, bleeding. Wheatgrass helps to normalize the metabolism.


Its beneficial properties of each of us knows from childhood.As well it stops the blood from the broken knees this leaf, we just need him to spit and stick. Plantain contains vitamin K, carotene, citric acid.The fresh plant gives a laxative effect, relieves pain, heals wounds and disinfects. It is added to dishes,and juice drinks. In addition to the above uses of plantain, it may still be applied to help the crops.

The weeds to mulch

Because you can not throw away a useful weeds and cook them a mulch. For example, if you’re a fruit tree mulching with weeds, then it will get a lot of phosphorus.

Spread the weeds around the trunks of trees in a layer up to 15 cm do Not think that they will take root again,just shake off your roots from the ground. To settle down, perhaps only creeping Wheatgrass.His gardeners are advised to put in one place, not shaking the ground with the roots. After six months, he will be a great loose humus.

Multiroute cut grass, goutweed, milkweed or dandelions. The result you can see for yourself.After a couple of years in the soil, which multimedia only with weeds there is a lot of earthworms.You will no longer see the solid crust after rains. And sandy soil, this procedure are formed.

The compost of the weeds

To make it all grass and weeds piled in one place and crush.Under the influence of rain and sun, the top layer begins to valitsa and dry. Add more soy fresh grass,thus creating the greenhouse effect. Now the minerals will turn dry grass into compost. Even in cool weather the lower layers will be warm.A few years later formed organic compost,it can be used as fertilizer beds.

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