9743 Ayrshire Cow

Ayrshire Cow

Ayrshire Cow

Ayrshire cow breed originated form Ayrshire of south-west Scotland. At present this cow breed can be found in Great Britain, Finland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and America. The characteristics of ayrshire cow are described below.

Ayrshire Cow

  • Body color is red with white stripe.
  • Head and upper side of their body become deep colored.
  • Adult ox weights about 500-700 kg and cow weights about 800-1000 kg.
  • Horns are wide and curved.
  • Spine is straight.
  • The calf weights about 35-40 kg when they born.
  • Produce about 5000 kg milk annually.
  • Milk of ayrshire dairy cow contain about 4 % fat.

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