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Alambadi Cattle Breed Information

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Alambadi Cattle Breed Information

Alambadi cattle is an indigenous, wonderful breed originated from Alambadi of Dharmapuri district in Tamil Nadu state of India. Now Alambadi is a quite rare breed. This cattle breed is mainly raised in the hilly regions of modern-day Tamil Nadu. Modern cattle breeders are attempting to increase the milk production of this traditional Indian breed. Previously, the breed was usually kept as a drought animal. The farmers around India should extend a helping hand for the conservation of the Alambadi cattle. The positive news is that ‘the State Government of Tamil Nadu has taken effective steps for the conservation of this breed’. Review characteristics and full breed profile below.

Alambadi Cattle Characteristics

Alambadi cattle is medium in size and is grey, dark grey or black in color. Some other colors are also available in some areas. There are white markings in the forehead, limb and tail of this cattle breed. Their head is narrow and horns are backward curving. The forehead and hump are prominent, with a thick dewlap also present. On average, an adult Alambadi bull weights about 317-362 kg and cow about 290 kg.


Alambadi cattle is almost exclusively a drought breed. In India, the breed is kept mainly for pulling cart and ploughing. They are not among the good milkers, and rarely used for dairy farming.

Special Notes

Alambadi cattle is a very hardy animal, and is very useful in ploughing. And can withstand all climatic conditions. Alambadi cows give good amount of milk. The farmers can improve their economic condition by raising this cattle breed. Review full breed profile of Alambadi cattle in the chart below.

Alambadi Cattle | Breed Profile

Breed Name Alambadi
Other Name None
Breed Purpose Mainly kept for ploughing and pulling cart. Rarely kept for dairy.
Special Notes Very hardy
Breed Size Medium
Weight 290-362 kg
Climate Tolerance All Climates
Skin Color Grey, dark grey or black
Horned Yes
Milk Yield Poor
Rarity Rare
Varieties Mainly Grey, Dark Grey or Black
Country of Origin India

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