21 DIY Nesting Box Plans and Ideas You Can Build in One Day
8831 21 DIY Nesting Box Plans and Ideas You Can Build in One Day

21 DIY Nesting Box Plans and Ideas You Can Build in One Day

21 DIY Nesting Box Plans and Ideas You Can Build in One Day

Are you new to raising chickens and trying to figure out which nesting box ideas are the best option for you?

This is a common question among many chicken-keepers. You’ll need to hunt for the nesting box plans and ideas which will best fit your set-up.

But you also need to consider the nesting boxes which will fit best into your budget.

Keep in mind; if you begin with a meager budget, you can choose what will work for you now and upgrade your boxes as your budget increases.

Are you ready for some nesting box inspiration? Here are your options:

1. Pallet Nest Box

If you’re working on a tight budget, building your nesting boxes from pallets could be the way to go. This tutorial shows you how to use pallets to create the perfect nesting boxes.

But the best part of building nesting boxes from pallets is they look good. Doing something on a budget doesn’t mean they have to look like it. These nesting boxes fit in this category.

2. Metal Wash Bin

Do you have an old washbin hanging around your property? Maybe you used it to plant flowers.

If you’re done planting flowers in it and need a nesting box for your chickens, the old washbin could be what you need. Fill it with hay, and you have the perfect nesting box for little money.

3. Plastic Storage Bins

Plastic storage bins make a great way to have nesting boxes on a tight budget. You can purchase the storage bins at the dollar store.

From there, use scrap wood or brackets to secure the bins to the coop. Fill it with hay, and your chickens will make it their new favorite laying spot in no time.

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21 DIY Nesting Box Plans and Ideas You Can Build in One Day

4. Kitty Litter Nesting Boxes

Do you have indoor cats? If this is the case, you also have plenty of empty litter containers. Why toss those containers to the landfill when they make perfect nesting boxes?

You need to make a place for the containers to rest on their side. Next, fill them with straw. Before you know it, you’ll have plenty of nesting boxes for little money.

5. Upright Milk Crates

When we first began keeping chickens, we used these milk crates as our nesting boxes. They worked pretty well considering they are made cheap or for free.

The only thing worth mentioning is it’s important to make sure you place something under the milk crates to ensure your eggs won’t fall through the slats.

6. Storage Tote Nesting Boxes

I enjoy a video tutorial from time to time to help walk me through different processes. This video is great for showing you how to create these nesting boxes.

Plus, it shows how the boxes are meant to function. If you’re looking for an inexpensive and straightforward nesting box, you should check this idea out.

7. 5-Gallon Bucket Nesting Boxes

If you’re a painter or someone who does drywall, you might come in contact with leftover buckets. Don’t let the buckets add to the clutter in landfills.

Instead, use them to give your chickens nesting boxes. It’s simple to create and very inexpensive too.

21 DIY Nesting Box Plans and Ideas You Can Build in One Day

8. Building Your Nesting Boxes for Next to Nothing

Do you want traditional style nesting boxes, but you’re working on a tight budget? You should consider building over buying.

You don’t have to come up with your own plans, though. This tutorial walks you through how to build your own DIY nesting boxes for hardly any money at all.

9. DIY Bookshelf Nesting Box

Do you have an old bookshelf hanging around and aren’t sure what to do with it? If you need nesting boxes, your bookshelf found a purpose.

These nesting boxes are easy to create, are a great way to repurpose an old piece of furniture, and they look nice too.

10. Diamond Shape Nesting Boxes

Everyone may not be able to understand this post because it’s written in a different language, but don’t let this deter you from checking out this idea. Even if you can’t understand the article, the idea is simple enough so you can create it regardless.

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You use milk crates and hang them at an angle where they look like diamonds. You place the crates together to form a larger diamond. They hang on the coop wall and appear to be both functional and appealing to the eye.

11. Linn Acres Farm Nesting Box Plans

These plans are phenomenal. They’re for nesting boxes which hang on the walls of the coop. The boxes take up less room than some designs which place the boxes on the floor as a standalone unit.

However, these nesting boxes come with easy to read instructions. The plans are done on a computer which makes them easy to print off, read, and follow to give you the greatest opportunity for a successful build.

12. The Dresser Nesting Box

This is a unique way to use a piece of furniture which is no longer in use. You pull out some of the drawers of an old dresser and paint the dresser any color you like.

From there, you turn two of the drawers into the nesting boxes. You’ll need to fill them full of straw and consider adding a divider or two to get more boxes.

21 DIY Nesting Box Plans and Ideas You Can Build in One Day

13. External Nesting Boxes

I’ll be the first to admit; external nesting boxes are nice to have. You don’t have to go inside the coop to get an egg.

Be aware you’ll want the lids to be on lock down because if not, a raccoon or snake can easily find their way into your boxes and take your eggs.

14. Wooden Barrel Nesting Box

Wine barrels can be rather expensive, but if you have one on hand which you aren’t using, consider putting it to use in your hen house.

Turn the barrel on its side and fill it with straw. From there, the chickens crawl right inside and lay their delicious eggs in a fashionable nesting box.

15. Large Plastic Bowls

You can sometimes find large plastic bowls on sale at your local big box store towards the end of summer. If you hit a deal, buy a few.

Next, fill them with straw or shavings and place them in your hen house. It’s an inexpensive way to give your hens the perfect location to lay eggs.

16. Covered Litterbox Nesting Boxes

Do you have an old litterbox your cats no longer use? Clean it out thoroughly and place it in your chicken coop.

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It doesn’t matter if the litterbox is covered. Hens like the privacy while they’re laying their eggs. It will provide the perfect location for your chickens to lay.

21 DIY Nesting Box Plans and Ideas You Can Build in One Day

17. DIY Plywood Nesting Box

If you’re someone who prefers to build using plans, you should check this idea out. The plans are simple to follow.

Also, they’re very well drawn out. The nesting boxes are built using plywood which makes them inexpensive too.
18. Tumbleweeds-and-Thyme Nesting Box Plans

This is another design of nesting boxes which are built to hang on a wall. If you would like to give your chickens as much space as possible in their coop, hanging their nesting boxes on the wall is the way to go.

The particular design at hand is a great way to give ample laying space without taking up large amounts of floor space. It looks nice and appears to be simple to build.

19. Dishpan Nesting Boxes

Who knew dishpans could make such amazing nesting boxes? You can place a single dishpan, which has been braced to the wall, for your hens to lay in.

Or you can do like this design, and place two dish pans on top of each other. This gives your hens more privacy as they lay.

20. Hanging Dresser Nesting Boxes

I’ve shared how you could take an old dresser and turn it into a nesting box for multiple hens. However, this idea takes things one step further.

Instead of placing the dresser on the floor, they hang it on the wall and give the hens a ladder to climb when they wish to lay. This takes up no floor space and still functions well.

21 DIY Nesting Box Plans and Ideas You Can Build in One Day

21. Tractor Tire Nesting Boxes

If you have old tractor tires don’t let them hang around your property going to waste. Instead, put them to functional use.

You’ll cut the tires in half and let your chickens get inside them to lay their eggs. It’s inexpensive and functional too.

Well, you now have over 20 different options for nesting box ideas and design plans. Hopefully, you’ll find something to inspire you.

But I’d love to hear from you. What do you make your nesting boxes from? Do you have a preference for external and internal coop nesting boxes? Would you share your designs with our community?

We’d love to hear from you. Leave us your comments in the space provided below.

21 DIY Nesting Box Plans and Ideas You Can Build in One Day

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